An A-Z Guide on How to Run Your Own Business in South Africa









Why is such a course required?

 Our course is a low cost, easy to obtain, simple to use course, that guides and gives the entrepreneur direction to run his own business.

Our course covers the process of starting a business from business concept through to implementation and finally to assist in how to run, grow and expand the operation on an ongoing basis. The user is also able to constantly refer back to the learning.

This product has been developed with the aim of building your own business step by step and includes relevant issues such as:

The business plan, market research, defining and describing the product or service, legal requirements, infrastructure requirements, funding, information technology, accounting and basic finance, human resources, management tools etc.

In addition, we will have standard templates for each module which the learner can refer to.  These will consist of forms which will be required in the business such as checklists, operational form designs, budgets, cash flow documents, lease agreements, employee manuals and contracts etc. Under each module the Learner will be introduced to some of these forms and how to use them.

A very important part of the course is that each learner will learn to develop his own business plan. We will draw information from each completed module which will be transferred into the business plan. This business plan can then be used as an internal working document, or could be used as an actual plan to raise funding etc. At the end of the course, each participant should be able to walk away with their own specific business plan.


The course is interactive, with video and voice over. It is vibrant, trendy and practical, thus enhancing the user experience. The course has been designed to be rolled out both in a facilitated manner as well as a digital/e-Learning solution.

See the course content below:


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Academy of Wealth develops meaningful, relevant, impactful and practical training courses specifically in the SME and Financial Education space. Our courses are available on a facilitated or on-line basis. We champion small business and provide expert advisory services where required.

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