We offer the following: 

  • A full report on your business based on financial statements, management accounts, bank statements, interviews.

  • This report will highlight weaknesses and shortcomings in the business

  • We make recommendations in order to remedy those weaknesses.

  • Relationship building with the Business Owner in order to provide on-going support

  • Turnaround actions to be taken

  • Assisting with cash flow issues, debtor management, funding etc.

  • General consulting

We can help the entrepreneur deal with these problems.

Small to medium businesses are vital to the success of our economy yet not enough attention is given to their financial health.

Whilst the business owner will be able to feel the stresses of these issues he will only be able to do something about it if a proper assessment is done.

Academy of Wealth uses a methodology which involves extracting key information from the financial statements and applying it by way of our financial model. Our model is able to identify those areas of the business which are out of kilter with business norms and we will use the model to illustrate these weaknesses to the business owner.

Once we have identified the areas that require attention we then offer our business consulting services in order to address the issues. This is done on a totally professional basis and a full report is prepared.

​We work with the business owner to implement the recommendations included in the report. This would include on-line mentoring and training if so required.

Understanding our Methodology

​The formula we use allows us to measure the effectiveness of the small business owner in managing his assets efficiently and controlling his expenses effectively. We help him understand how to trade and operate on an optimal basis.


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About Us

Academy of Wealth develops meaningful, relevant, impactful and practical training courses specifically in the SME and Financial Education space. Our courses are available on a facilitated or on-line basis. We champion small business and provide expert advisory services where required.

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